HVAC Repair, Service & Maintenance

Emergencies and Repairs

Technicians are available 24 hours a day when HVAC repair emergencies arise to ensure that your systems are up and running again as quickly as possible. With its extensive database of equipment installations and previous service call information, Tech Mechanical places a real-time, detailed site and equipment history at the technicians’ fingertips via its paperless tablet system to take the guesswork out of the call. The tablets are efficient and effective tools that support communication between the office and technicians in the field. They also allow technicians to track each service call and document the work being done. Tech Mechanical’s service vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking systems, which allows the company to track when and where service calls were completed, as well as which technician is available and his estimated time of arrival.

Preventive Maintenance

As a highly respected company with a rich history of providing exceptional service, Tech Mechanical Systems stands by the HVAC systems and services it provides. This commitment includes keeping HVAC systems running at maximum efficiency by providing ongoing preventive maintenance such as filter and belt replacements, remote system diagnostics and other services designed to support HVAC system functioning.